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Exclusive Dubai metal fence design studio

UAE fencing fences Dubai
UAEIRON Metal works, Wrought iron design, Architectural steel fabrication Wrought iron fences, metal railings and stairs, ornamental gates, steel furniture, lamps and components

UAE IRON, ornamental wrought iron fencing fences rails spears fence spear spike finials.

ornamental wrought iron fences dubai

Dubai Iron Fence.  The finest wrought iron fences installed in Dubai.
Every UAEiron fence is manufactured in our own group or partner factories to guarantee quality of work. The wrought iron villa fencing panels are finished as powder coated with a galvanic zinc undercoat for long life.

cast iron steel fences sharjah

Sharjah Iron Fence.  Unique cast iron and steel fencing for Sharjah.
All the cast iron fences we manufacture in UAE at Sharjah are compatible with driveway gate automation. App based automation uses internet connectivity with security cameras and access control.

designer steel fencing Abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi Iron Fence.  Abu Dhabi now has classic designer fencing.
Installation of decorative steel fencing from UAE Iron fences along with turnkey automation with civil works are undertaken by in-house installation team for prompt and excellent quality service.

decorative black metal fence Al Ain

Al Ain Iron fencing.  Ornamental black metal fences in Al Ain.
Our Wrought iron fencing can be fitted with hi-tech security and intruder detection and fence trespass repellent systems from Italy which controls access to your Al-Ain property for peace of mind.

wrought iron fences

Wrought Iron fence. The best wrought iron fences available in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). UAEiron is famous for turnkey mass production of ornate fencing for Dubai villa fencing and royal palace fence projects. Since 2007 we work closely with leading engineering companies of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to execute their fencing projects.

ornamental iron fence

Ornamental Iron fences. Bespoke ornamental iron fences and railings are manufactured in UAE with latest German machines since 2007. For a turnkey fencing design consultation please contact our sales engineers to quickly receive an artistic impression of your fencing solution without obligation.

Blackmetal fencing

Blackmetal Fencing.  The blackmetal international designer look for luxury fences now reaches Dubai. No more are fences mass produced panels to be fitted between brick pillars or steel posts. UAEiron's designer baroque railing fence panels transform mundane villa fencing projects into works of art.

Stainless steel fences

Stainless Steel fencing.  For clients more interested in the modern look, we also manufacture Stainless steel fabricated fences - on special order with our notching and welding machinery. We work closely with leading global designers and engineers to translate your dream house into practical realities.